How do I get a response from Glowforge?

I sent an email over a week ago with a simple query in it. I got an immediate autoresponse (ticket #78940).
I followed it up to check on the status but I’ve still not had any actual response from GF.
How do I go about getting a response to my problems?

You have done everything you can right now. No response means either they haven’t been able to get to your ticket yet or they don’t have an answer and they are working on it, in my experience. I have not seen an instance where they have completely ignored a ticket and a follow up.

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honestly, for those who aren’t still waiting (the worst), this is the biggest issue with GF right now. the lack of response to support tickets (beyond the autoresponse). it’s a little disheartening.


oh I don’t know about that. I got a reply to my nearly 2 week old ticket this morning, and they didn’t address my issue, they addressed a different issue. I think they skimmed my complaint, saw my picture, made assumptions, and replied based on that. Now I get to wait another 2 weeks? Then hope they reply based on my actual issue.

sounds like your situation is exactly what I described. waiting two weeks is lack of response. not getting your answer just makes it worse.

Yeah, I put in a ticket last week about never seeing my $50 Inventables code. I got the auto response, but nothing else.


I cannot believe I trusted GF to prioritize the issues of the Kickstarter/beta/investor owners before new sales.

I’m sorry for the delayed responses. @m_raynsford, you should have just received an email with more details about your request.