How do I get back something I've moved out of the viewing area

So I thought it would be awesome to move an image to the right of the printing area so I could use it for later. I moved it a little too far and can’t seem to grab it back. I can see it on the left side so I know it’s still there, but I just can’t select it to put it back into the printing area. Can someone help with this or am I just OOL and need to start over? Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: CTRL-A for the win!
That allowed me to select everything and the I could re-size, move, etc. Good grief! Hopefully this will help someone else! Thank you to those who replied to help me!


Can you zoom out of your image a bit so you can see all of it? Then you should be able to just click on it and bring it back to whereever you want to place it.

As @rvogt noted, you can zoom out.

OR you can just use the panning tool (the hand) and move the bed image until you see what you’re looking for, then use the selection tool to move it back where you want.

Hit “Select All” ( -A on Mac, I think Ctrl-A on Windoze), then the “precise position” icon down in the lower left corner:

Then type 0 and 0 in the “Position” fields (this is just a screenshot from a design I have placed where I need it).

That’ll move it to the top-left corner of the printable workspace.


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