How do I get back to the accepted shipment page?

I got the email to accept my glowforge while I was at the vet. I mean, while my dog was at the vet and I was there too. I got excited, and immediately confirmed I want it and filled in my address, and it jumped to a page I didnt get a chance to read. Unfortunately, the page got closed, and now I don’t know how to get back to it. When I follow the email link again, it takes me back to the address form (with my info still all filled out), but I didnt want to resend that in case it messed with the system or something. After 2+ years of waiting, I dont want to do anything that might delay it :slight_smile:

Also, throw out thanksgiving leftovers in the outdoor trash, if your dogs are bad like mine and want to eat the tasty, tasty turkey leg.


I don’t know the answer but I’m sorry about the dog. Hope he/she is okay!

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Thanks! He is doing much better now. Good vets are worth their weight in doggie cookies.


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Personally, I’d just go through the form you can get to and resubmit your address. I don’t think that part would slow anything down at all.

I’m pretty sure you can’t get back to that page…was it the letter from Rita describing the status of the software? (The Production Features and Specifications list?)

I don’t think so, but it might have been. I just glanced at it, and I think it said something about what to do next while you wait?

This is what I get for being too excited. I never learn. Lol


Oh yeah…hang on a second…if I have it I’ll PM you.

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You’re amazing!

Took a while to find it! Chuckle! :smile:

Thanks for taking the time. I suspected it had links to the shop and fun stuff, so I definitely wanted to look over it.

Yeah, it does…let me know if the links didn’t translate into the PDF. I have them in the original Word doc.

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OMG how could you be expected to contain yourself after the long road alternately littered with inspiration hopes and disappointment?


I went to find my dog at one point this weekend and she was in her cage… giant turkey bone sitting under her. It was a bear to get away from her. Then I double-bagged all the trash and she ripped it open again and I found another bone in her cage (and it was also a bear to get away)!!!

Thankfully she didn’t have too long to gnaw on them before I found her with them.

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Nope, worked perfectly. Thank you!

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I will send you mine. Just got it this morning, too. And coped it all into another document.

Nevermind. I see you already got it from always helpful @jules.


Thanks for all the help! You guys are great. The email link now leads to the right page - I think maybe it was just delayed updating or something (just fyi for anyone else who maybe did the same thing I did).