How do I move a layer in the Glowforge UI?

I have an SVG where I’ve color coded layers in Affinity Designer so the Glowforge App isolates them for specific tasks. How do I move a specific layer in the Glowforge App? When I try to select one element of my design, it selects everything and moves everything at once. What if I want to cut one part of my design from a different material and need to move just one layer to a specific area on my raw material? Is this even possible? Thank!

You can drag the steps up or down on the left to change their order.

If everything is selected when you’re trying to rearrange parts of your design, just click outside the selection area to deselect, and then pick the parts you want to work with. On more complex designs it will sometimes group everything together, which I find highly annoying. When that happens all you can do is try to simplify your design, or else load it in parts. :grimacing:

Yes, a bit annoying. It would be nice if when you select “Ignore” a layer that it disappeared from the layout area and/or would at least let you reposition other elements independently of the ignored layer.

To be fair, it does ignore layers - entirely. Presuming your art isn’t crazy complicated to where the machine groups it so it can handle it, then when your items are separated enough so that the imaginary box around them doesn’t cross then they are able to move independently. You can force things to group together by putting a box around them, and then you can use the boxes in order to align your different “layers” in the GFUI.
Colour is the thing that groups them in the commands on the left.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I’m going to move this it everything else so the conversation can continue.

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