How do i move a new design in a prevous file

i would like to put some of the new design in previous design files already created

You can copy and paste from one to another, or you can export both and combine as you wish in your outside design software.


You are supposed to be able to copy from one design and paste to another, but that does not work for me and others have reported the same. One owner reported they were working with support on that.

As stated, you could export both and combine externally, but you could also export one, then import it back into the other.

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i’ve been able to drag the file from my computer folder and put it into an existing design in the GFUI

If you have two windows open at the same time(both in the GFUI). You can right clip with the part you wish to copy and hit copy. Then going to the window in the GFUI where you want to paste and right click and hit paste. It is supposed to work with less effort but I have had it work that way at least.

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