How do I print contoured letters, dark to light gray, without each being a step

Can someone please help on how I have to save this file in order for it to go into the glowforge program without being 100 steps? All I have is contoured letters in grayscale and since each step in the process is a different color of gray, it is making a step for each one. The program then crashes. I am using Coreldraw and saving as a PDF. The letters are converted to curves.


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Convert it to bitmap.


In Inkscape, ‘Edit’>‘Make bitmap Copy’


When I do that, it does this in GF

I don’t know why, but for some reason the GF can not read Corel PDFs correctly, and this is the exact same thing that happens to me every time I try a Corel bitmap PDF. Just save it as either a JPG or PNG, and it’ll work fine. (I strongly prefer a PNG with a transparent background though.) And just in case you didn’t know, PNGs and JPGs don’t need to be saved as PDFs or SVG before uploading them to the GF. :slight_smile:


What kittski said! :smiley:

I have never tried a corel pdf export before but that particular weirdness was new to me. Convert to bitmap and save a PNG and you’ll be good to go.


When I convert to bitmap and save as PNG, I get this message in GF when uploading. I can’t win today… and this is for a fire department raffle due in 2 hours. Been working on it for days. So upset…

Screenshot 2022-04-29 15.45.04 ERROR

you aren’t saving it as a PNG. THAT is the error you get when you try to load an SVG with linked bitmaps instead of embedded bitmaps.


I can’t save as JPG and saving as SVG gives error and no images upload. There is an option to save as AI. I will have to see if I can reinstall inkscape or illustrator and try. I don’t know them

what format is the image in before you load it into your editing software?

the other option is to save as SVG, but check the SVG options… there has to be a way in corel or whatever you are using to change from linked to embedded bitmaps.

Well… it’s been two hours. Hope you got it taken care of. I’m headed home and decompressing this weekend. :slight_smile:

I agree with @kanati and you’re getting that message because you’re trying to upload an SVG that wasn’t saved with the correct settings, and it’s not a PNG file. (SVGs and PDFs are just container files that can contain either a bitmap, a vector image, or both a bitmap and vector at the same time.) A PNG (and JPG) doesn’t need to be saved in another format to use in the GF, and you can just upload it without saving it as an SVG or PDF first.

Here are the directions to save an image as a PNG with a transparent background from Corel.

If you still want to save your bitmap image as an SVG for some reason, you can, but you have to tell Corel to embed to the file, and not to link it. When you link an image, that image isn’t actually saved inside the file; the SVG just has instructions where to find it on some external location that the GF can’t access.


Thank you so much. I found the function before I saw your post but this explains things so well. I wasn’t sure if the boxes were going to go away or not because I was getting that issue as well with another file. I will try this on that file and hopefully it will work. I couldn’t have done it without you and kanati’s help. Thanks again.


Thank you for all the help. I am sorry I didn’t get back right away. I had found the export and was trying to get my design printed and then my laser went off track!! Really one of those days. All good, I just gave my son something thing different for the fund raiser. Turns out he was going to ask for my other piece because he liked it so much and was scared to ask. So all happened as it should and I will now get to learning more.


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