How do I purchase Proof Grade?

I recently purchased my GF Pro, but haven’t received it yet. I wanted to purchase some proof grade stuff to start playing with when it does come but I can’t find any links on GF’s site that lets me do that. Any suggestions?

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Once you receive the Glowforge the ability to see a number of paths that are not open to you at this moment,will open like a magic door. Among those is the catalog of all the different Proofgrade materials. I chafed also wanting to get there before the machine arrived, but it is good to get familiar with the process and look of results anyway before deciding what you need to order.

Until the machine arrives coming up to speed in Inkscape and Gimp or one of the other appropriate software sources is time very well spent and takes a bit of the edge off the wait. I had never even opened Inkscape so it was good I got competent in it before my Glowforge arrived.


I think he meant to say “”.


I was going nuts looking for pages that did not load until I got my Glowforge. Perhaps they have changed that.

Wow thanks for the quick responses guys! I’ll be ordering some today! Also, I’m already designing things in Adobe Illustrator, as I’m pretty proficient in it. So I just need the machine. I’ve got some test materials ready to go but none are proof grade.


It will also come with something like $75 worth of sample material.


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