How do I replicate this?

Before investing in our Glowforge we started with a Snapmaker and upgraded it with the 10W laser. I was able to create the above on the Snapmaker. There is little to no wood carved away during the burn and the dark lines are almost black and extremely crisp.

Are there any settings to use on the Glowforge that could replicate this? My attempts so far have resulted in the dark areas being carved away… whether using convert to Dots or Vary Power.

Try doing a very unfocused beam with high LPI count. If your focus height is .12” try setting the focus height to .36” or something like such.

Or you can set the power really low and do several passes so that you singe the wood a bit each time instead of blasting it in one shot. I probably wouldn’t use vary power either. Dots or pattern only. Possibly only Dots but I’m not very proficient with picture color reproduction.


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