How do I transfer ownership

Hello all,
Well, after telling myself I wouldn’t do it I ended up doing it. A friend of mine if coming to pick up the glowforge today. With that being said, how do I go about transferring everything to his name? how does he setup his account?

The glowforge was great but it has been sitting for awhile getting zero use and I hate to see something with soo much potential just sit on a table never getting used.

Thanks everyone! the community has been wonderful!


Oh shoot! Sorry to see you go Brandon. (I think support has to do something about transferring the ownership, so as soon as they see this, they’ll probably contact you directly through email.)

See you back on the MakerGear forum one of these days. :wink:

Thanks Jules! I put my M2 up for sale also! I am just getting tired of coming home and sitting down in front of a screen all day. That’s pretty much all I do at work! While I do enjoy creating stuff I am trying to get myself outdoors more and trying to enjoy life. I even took up paramotoring!

Support has already gotten back to me! It seems all I have to do is log into my account, add the new user and then e-mail support to remove my account and voila! all done! that should be put in the FAQ’s because that’s the first place I checked.

I’ll be lurking around seeing what awesome stuff everyone is making without me!


How dare you try to get a life? :wink:
(Kidding, I’m a bit jealous. Have some fun for me too, will ya?)

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Good to go when you can
I did a lot of sailing in my 20s and played hippy living in a school bus. It would be impossible now no matter what I could afford as my body is not up to it, so the time was well spent and I would not understand half what I do now if I had not done it. I did go looking for a boat before buying the Glowforge and found most of them were my age unable to keep up the effort. running about in the virtual worlds the avatars all look young but most I know are old or disabled and not able to do the open spaces in person.

Sounds like a wonderful life you’ve lived so far! My dream has always been flying and I have put it off for too long! I am 32 now and have an 80% disability rating mostly due to my knees and feet (worn out from the Army) I decided a few months back that I am not waiting anymore. I went straight to a school and learned how to fly a paramotor and bought one a month later! Weather and some engine trouble has kept me grounded but as soon as it warms up I will be up in the clouds!

If you ever get the urge to start flying, look into paramotoring! you can get a setup with wheels and it is very relaxing and not demanding on your body! Lots of people are flying well into there 80’s!


Thanks for asking. I’m happy to help!

I’ve followed up with more information by email so I’m going to close this thread.