How do I trust you?

purchased glowforge basic since 11/2015,
received more than 5 emails that saying delay because of manufacturer faults on product and need more times to developing and also fix bug.
2018 completely success and started shipping in USA since 6/2018 but international has nothing even pre order since 2015 but nothing showing that you has deliver or doing something for international customer.
More than 3 times changed estimate time of delivery.

Well now should I say US company is group of wasting time and money of international customer to help them develop their company and received all shits from them?

Once more thing is Refund section says your request has been done and might take 1-2 days to process and you haven’t received any confirmation email. well now should I say US company is group of lier?

Seriously you completely not a TRUSTED company. I hope everyone has same circumstances like me or other customer in US might have correct decision.

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I am sorry to hear that you decided not to wait any longer, but I do understand why. If you do not hear back from within a few days, send them another email asking about it.

Make sure to check your Spam folder and make sure that you still have use of whatever method of payment you used to buy the machine, because they should refund the money back to that account by ten business days, although international purchases might take longer to clear.

If you don’t hear from them, send them another email. They will refund your money.


Totally understand your frustration, but some corrections -

  • they have been shipping in the US since mid-2017, and had development/pre-release units in the hands of many people long before that. The wait was painful but the (anticipated) product kept getting better, to the point where I “doubled down” and upgraded to a pro.

  • they have been shipping to international customers in certain countries for some time, but the restriction is based on local (i.e. each country) regulations about what can be imported. A laser is considered industrial equipment that needs certifications and approvals. This is beyond their control.


They didn’t send me a confirmation email either when I requested a refund, but they did eventually reply and a refund came through about six days after that.

yeah I knew that so thats why I accept to wait 3 years but you know they must focus on pre order customer first because the pre order customer who has accept to pay and kept the line for long time (up to 3 years) waited for their faults then since they released their product as commercial and received nothing especially if it restricted by other international custom then why did they still receiving international customer money and not telling them about that first. Finally they just care about the money for crowdfunding…

Stopping the production line and waiting until all pre-orders are delivered to areas that they currently can not deliver to doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t get you your unit any faster.


Exactly. In fact, the more units they build and sell (beyond founders) means the product will keep getting better.

They don’t just care about money - of course they are a business, with investors who put many millions more than the crowdfunding raised. They need to be profitable, but they are not stealing your money.

I’m in the US and waited over two years. I thought about canceling several times. I, like so many others, am VERY happy I did not…

edit: I should add - nobody here is trying to get you to stay because we are “defending” or supporting glowforge. We’re saying you should stay because when you get your machine, you’re going to be as happy as we are!


You might feel much better if you got your money back.

I was an original backer and I needed to cancel. I reordered later and overall I am happy I did - but you need to take care of you and do what feels best. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for international buyers who are still waiting and hope you get your refund soon, and maybe even a machine.

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