How do I ungroup so I can engrave and not cut?

Hoping someone can help… I made this file in Silhouette using Bitmojis from my coworkers. When I go to cut it on my GlowForge, it groups the Bitmoji’s with the outer shape, and I do not want to cut the Bitmojis! I only want to engrave them. I went back in Silhouette and ungrouped everything, and then saved it again, hoping that would help, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated! thanks friends!

After you ungroup everything, just delete the vector path around the bitmojis.


Or if you want the line there for some reason, make it a different color.

Glowforge doesn’t pay any attention to grouping, it separates steps by color.

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Also on the left there should be an ignore opinion that you can select for the cut

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