How do I use my free gift credits?

Does anyone know how to apply the gift credits to purchases? I received a promo code for my inventables $50 credit, but I am supposed to have also gotten a $50 design catalog gift credit, and another $50 gift certificate($20/month)? Has anyone used theirs yet? Thanks

Yes. In my case, it was just automatically applied to my order.


I tried using mine in the store and in Inventables and could not get either to work. the $20 from the Promo is there but not the rest.

The Inventables credit is like a gift card - you should have a code and at checkout there is a box on the form you type your code into.

The glowforge store credits are automatically applied at the very end of the purchasing process. It is a little unnerving, because you’re like, “I know I have credit but why isn’t it reflected in my price??” and then at the end it is applied.

If you are worried about your credits go to the glowforge app, and then click on Shop your name will be in the upper-right-hand-corner of the browser. Click on the tiny down arrow by your name and then click on settings. On the left-hand-side will be a menu list. Click billing it will show your credits.


@rbtdanforth…didn’t you order your machine after the code offer was over with? (That $50 was an apology for everyone who had to wait through a delay.)

As I bought in August and received in February and not November as promised. I was given a founders accolade of the $50 from Glowforge as well as the $50 from Inventables plus a founders discount purchasing materials etc.

Hardly the same as waiting two and a half years but I ended up paying $2k or 4k more for that lack of wait. I would not have been able to think about it two years prior as l sold a house in the meantime and was poor as a church mouse before that.

I don’t know why, but I thought we had to have purchased before December 2016 to qualify for the $50 Inventables card? I know everyone got the $50 catalog purchase, that came earlier.

Not a big deal…I’ve been wrong before. Probably will be again. :smile:

I think that when it became obvious that the November date was not happening they extended the founder’s benefits to those who were already waiting the longer time. It was not offered at the time I bought the machine.

I just found out that they fixed that. Thankyou

In case anyone was wondering about the $20/month wait credit, that credit was only offered to customers that had placed their orders prior to July 1, 2017.