How do I use my referral store credit?

I got a referral credit of $300 back in December, but I can’t seem to use it in the store. I’m at the checkout page and it doesn’t apply nor is there a way to pay with that instead of credit/paypal?

It should tell you that you have funds available to convert to a gift card, at some point in the checkout process. You tell it to go ahead, and it emails you your gift card number, which you can then enter in the proper place each time you check out, until you’ve used it up.

Sorry that’s kind of vague, but I’ve only done it once and I can’t remember it clearly enough to give you exact step by step instructions!

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I seem to recall it was in the upper right corner as a text link. This was a long time ago however.

Oddly enough, I was also wondering about this today. I didn’t check on my computer, but I couldn’t figure it out on my phone. I didn’t need to order anything, luckily, I was just curious about my balance. I look forward to an answer, especially on mobile. Though, it does seem like maybe I got an email about it a while ago…

Just found my credit, it was sent via a gift card code. Just checked my email and did the search for “glowforge gift card” to find it. Can’t say that I love the new system vs the old, though…

THANK YOU! I kept checking for a link or code in the referral emails but couldn’t find it.

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I’m happy you were able to find the gift card @wing! I’ll be closing this thread out, but if you need any help please don’t hesitate to email us or open a new thread.

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