How do I?

Good Evening! I would like to do a wood inlay of this helicopter I used to fly. But, I am new to glowforge. How do I define each of the colors to be cut out separately? Which program and how hard is it to do?

Also would like to do other helicopters I flew, so this may end up being a chore

Thank you in advance!


Trace feature in illustrator could do it. It is a little grainy image for the text though.


I use Gimp to create the vectors, but the tricky bit would be putting together such a complex shape with holes, etc. Many folks put the pieces together like a puzzle and try to get all the pieces to fit. I find that nearly every design has an inside and an outside that surrounds the inside. If you deeply engrave the outside shaped to the inside it will be much easier to put the inside pieces in the holes.

In either case that is a great challenge for an advanced user, and likely to leave a new user at sea. Then again I have seen some amazing first projects. However, I would make some “proof of concept” pieces that would get you each step of the way.

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The image, as you suggest, is definitely too low quality for tracing. But just for fun I gave it a shot. The best result I could get was this

I’d call that totally unusable.

@canhover, @Aloha 's idea is how I would go about this. But you’ll need to find either a much higher-quality picture, or a pre-existing vector image of it.


I will see if I can get a better image

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Thank you, I will look into it and get a better image

Thank you!

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I did a few things in Gimp and this is the Gimp file so you might learn from it.
I doubled the pixels, and you can use the Free Select tool to draw it out by hand as it is not that complicated and then save each selection as a path, and then export the set of paths as an SVG. It makes a good project to learn to get about in Gimp. (258.0 KB)


Thank you very much!

I would bet that someone has already done the majority of the work you need. Google the model of the helicopter you want plus the words “vector” “schematic”. Once you find the right file customize that in your vector drawing program of choice.

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