How do you cut out a bitmap

I am using CorelDraw 17. I have the logo of rock band and instead of engraving it I would like to cut it out so you can see a color back ground through the front piece of acrylic. Front piece would be black with a yellow behind. I have engraved the images in the past, but would like to cut this one out. I have imported the bitmap and traced it. Where would I go from here. Or point me to a tutorial that would help.

The Trace lines will become your cut lines. You assign a stroke color to those lines and no fill color, and it will cut that shape out of the material.

Save the file as an SVG and you can drag and drop it onto the Dashboard and it will open in the Glowforge interface. It should assign a Cut operation to the lines that you have given a stroke color.

If you want to duplicate the outside shape of the logo for a background, just copy it, delete all of the interior lines in the copy, and assign a different color to the remaining line. The different color will set up a different cut operation for the background, so you can set it to Ignore and then cut it out of a different colored acrylic.


It worked fine just have to figure out what to do with the middle of the letters that are left unsupported by anything. A small design oops. LOL thank you for the assist

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If you will be attaching the cutouts to a backing you can just fuse the acrylic together with some Weld-On. It will stay where it’s supposed to. :slightly_smiling_face: