How do you get back to the interface?

I am sure I am overlooking something, but I clicked out of the window during a print. Now I can’t seem to get back to it. I can see the menu items (Home Catalog Shop Forum Support) but I want to get back to the screen that shows how much longer I have to print.


Think you can just hit Print again and it will come back as long as it is already running.


You can also click on the printers name in the top right. It won’t give you the preview back but it will tell you the time left.


This is one of my pet peeves about the ui. Its not intuitive to navigate to. I understand they want to emphasize the stuff for sale, but I wish it was more prominent/obvious to get to the actual workspace.


Yes, it’s like having to enter the attraction through the gift shop.


So you can’t actually get back to it at all?

Also get to know your friend control-shift-t. Reopens the last tab you closed.


If you’re in the rendering window (the one where you can see the bed and has the stack of operations on the left) just click on the Print button again. It will bring up the countdown & progress window.


Really? (Dang, still learning tricks with this thing.) :smile:

1 Like will always take you to the UI.

Sorry, yeah, ui and workspace probably aren’t the right words. I mean the screen that you get when upload a design. With the material selection and placement stuff. That screen is not intuitive to get to. Or back to.

The last file uploaded (job submitted with placement and settings) will always be in the top left of

Huh. I always just clicked on the time itself. I guess that whole hit area does the same thing.

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Last I checked when it brought up the progress window the time remaining was correct but the visual part restarted from the beginning, even if you were almost done with the piece. It didn’t “catch back up” to where you were.

Correct-- you can see the time remaining, but afaik there is no way to bring up the preview window once dismissed.

Hopefully , now that these machines are flowing nicely to customers, the emphasis will focus on the UI.
I love web apps (i actually write them fora living) and know how much work goes into excellent, intuitive “front end”. This app is a good foundation but definitely needs full time, front and center attention. I personally, would love to see a “plug in” architecture (properly sandboxed to protect GF ) allowing the community of developers (including me) to add functionality and customization. There would be some amazing outcomes that we can’t even imagine… think about that first gen iphone in 2007… it was cool but didnt do much except what apple gave us… it EXPLODED IN POPULARITY when they gave developers , tools to make their amazing device even more Awesome … hint hint @dan
my 2 cents


True. You get situations where the red progress picture doesn’t match the time remaining which is odd but the time is right.

Thanks for the answer @josephtpage, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!