How do you update your GF?

I was excited to hear about the new software update, but I haven’t noticed any change to the speed of my GF. Do I need to do something to initiate a software update? How do I check what software version my GF is running (and what is the newest version)?

It involves an incantation and a sacrifice. Plus waiting for your machine to be included in the next wave. Patience is your only weapon, I’m afraid!

Oh, as for version I don’t recall. Anyone?


:joy::joy: Will I know when it happens? I have some really big projects that I want to do once it hits.

Dan said it’s about 20% rolled out at the moment.

You don’t initiate it, it will be pushed when your machine is “selected” and applied at power-up. You also need to refresh your browser window, if you don’t close it between sessions.


You’ll see crazy high speed options for engraves… I think there are screen shots on that thread.


When you do get it you will need to experiment some. Some parts like the clean corners will just work. But others like the higher speeds or extended edges need some understanding before doing that custom order on the client’s irreplacable keepsake.

You’ll notice that the head moves faster during the homing/centering operation. Noticeably faster.

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It scared me the first time, wasn’t expecting it lol.

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Thank you for the answers everyone! That is correct, the updates mentioned in our October Announcement will be rolling out over the course of the next weeks; unfortunately, I don’t have an estimated timeline for individual units.

However, you won’t need to do a thing - your Glowforge checks for available updates whenever it boots up. As soon as your unit gets the update, you’ll notice the increase in the autofocus speed.

I’m going to close this thread for now. If any other questions arise, feel free to start a new thread or email us at