How does GF decide what to save in our catalog?

GF saves some of my designs to the catalog. Some designs it doesn’t. What determines if the design will be saved in the catalog or not?

Both machines I have used saved every file I ever uploaded…

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You asked this a while back?


But I have the same phenomena as @chroni–not all of the files I upload are saved into my catalog/library… it’s rather sporadic in what it does save–sometimes SVG or jpeg files, not sure if there’s a pattern.

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Don’t take this as definitive, but if you upload a design to the catalog it will save.

If you upload a design while you have another design loaded in the GFUI I don’t believe it will save that to your catalog. I seem to remember some people were never exiting the GFUI, deleting what was there, and then adding new artwork. They wondered why their original designs then vanished too.


OK, I feel like your response is closer. I will try replicating some version of what you state… I would be OK with whatever UI quirkiness - If I understand the rules. (I assume that the software test cases cover this *hint, hint *)

Same issue here, no rhyme or reason to what gets saved, I usually upload to catalog, still crap shoot if it’s saved or not.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Mine all save.
(Pro - Snapmark testing.)

If those of you having trouble would list the model machine you have and the browser and operating system you are each using, it might help the team to track down a common denominator.

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Pro, chrome (windows 10).
No snapmark

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Thanks for the answer, @hansepe. That’s correct.

The easiest way to remember this is Dashboard vs. Workspace. If you upload a file to your Dashboard, it will appear in your list of designs unless you delete it from the page.

Any changes you make to this design in your Workspace will be automatically saved. If you upload a file using “Add Artwork” when you are in your Workspace, that file will not be saved as a new design, but as a change to the file you already opened or uploaded from your Dashboard.

If you delete the artwork from the file you opened or uploaded while you’re in the Workspace, these changes will also be saved. The file will still be on your Dashboard, but when you open it, no artwork will be present. In this case, you would need to upload the file again (or, if you got the file from the catalog, you can click the “…” button and choose “Reset Design”).

If you’re still having trouble with files not being saved when you upload them to your Dashboard, could you please let me know a few more details about a specific file this occurred with (it would be very helpful to know when the file was uploaded, when you noticed that it was gone, and a few details about the file such as the title and the file type)?


Why not have an option to save everything as a project when you hit the Print button?

It’s already saved as a project at that point.

If you upload all the pieces of a project at the same time, that’s true. Steps: upload design (in my case a wallet pattern). Now, once you are in the GF view, add artwork, place it carefully. That added artwork is not saved in the project…

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It should be. Mine always saves with whatever changes I’ve made. The thumbnail on the main list of projects screen doesn’t update, but when I open the project, whatever I did last is always there.

I found this article in the tips category. It sort of explains how things work, in terms of what’s saved/what isn’t. It explains it - which is cool, but I see a lot of this as a workaround. The user should be able to save the state of their design at any moment in time, saving the artwork added after the initial upload, as well as the initial upload.

As far as I can see, it says the same thing I’m saying. Whatever you do to your project gets saved. If you add parts, it saves with them in it. If you delete parts, it saves without them in it. How is any of that a workaround?


Here are my steps:

  1. From the Home screen, open a project.
  2. From the GF view, click add artwork
  3. Arrange artwork as needed
  4. Go back to Home. The artwork isn’t saved in that project.

All in all, I want arrange things on the GF view and not lose my artwork when I navigate away. The artwork added in the GF view is not saved to the project.

I just tried your steps, on several different projects. I am unable to replicate your problem. It sounds similar to some behavior we had when auto-save was first introduced, which has long-since been rectified for most of us.

Your unit may need special attention.

My suggestion would be to do what the support-staff told you to do:

Try again,
Write down the time, file-name and type of the primary upload, and the file-name and type of the added-art.
if the issue persists, respond to @vee with the information you wrote down, and support will be able to look at the logs to determine whether there is a machine issue, a firmware issue, an update issue, a file issue, or a procedure issue.


Something’s broken – like @jbv said, you should give @vee the info she requested so they can see what’s going on with your projects, because that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

We’ve made a small change that should resolve this issue.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, please post a new topic with the date and time you saw it.

Thanks for letting us know about this!

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