How easy is it to do two-sided projects?

I’m thinking of doing puzzle placecards and wedding placecards. How easy is it to set up two-sided projects?


We haven’t built out the user-friendly experience here yet, so I can’t walk you through it. But we’re planning to make it pretty darn easy. : )


I’m super curious about how indexing is accomplished on a two sided project, especially when it comes to cutting thicker materials where flipping is the only option for getting through them. Camera indexing can handle picking up a cut or engrave pattern when using the passthrough, but how does the machine find the correct cut path with nothing to index against? Material edges? If so, can the machine see past the edges of the bed? What if you’re using a full sized 12x20" piece of material?

I think they’ve mentioned something about orienting on the corners in the past. If you’re doing something on the passthrough, then I’m not sure.

Yes. This is one of those elusive photos vids that I would love to see, flipping and cutting through 1/2 inch material. Not that I am at all skeptical. I assume software registration tweaking and not hardware capacity. It will work beautifully.

@dan talks about just that @ 2:20 in this video

Talk, yes. Images, still to come. Not that I’m worried🤓


This is probably one of the few questions remaining for me. I look forward to seeing your video once you have this down.

Thanks @dan

When we have it ready to share, we’ll post it here!


They could put triangle/circle/square holes through the material and line up with those… but obviously not all projects could tolerate a THROUGH cut.

I think I could see it being very easy with raw material that is a perfectly symmetrical / mirror left - right / top - bottom image, and flipping the design horizontally or vertically, even without special software designed for flipping to cut-through…

I can’t wait to see! I love a visual demonstration and am more of a hands on learner.

Any update for us on this?

I know the Glowforge team has been very busy recently and I hope you are enjoying yourself too!