How fast does a cancellation refund come through?

As soon as I hit order, I realized I forgot to use a referral link. How fast is a cancellation processed? And if it’s cancelled right away, are the funds refunded right away? $100 isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but $100 is $100. Darn, I’m an idiot.

Yeah, I had a referral link too, but was too excited when we finally got the ok to order it that I just ordered it. Then immediately cursed out loud. Kids gave me a funny look.

Email support@ with the code you meant to use - @bailey will get it set right.

I just remembered something.

Doesn’t Paypal allow refunds up to only 60 days after the transaction? At that point it won’t be a refund anymore but just sending money to people afaik

You are correct. But since Glowforge said you can cancel anytime before it ships they can send you money rather refunding it. The big difference for them is instead of getting the fees back through the refund. they have to pay fees when they repay you

I would really recommend that the refunds for the referrals be made before the 60 day mark. I doubt that Glowforge will pay extra dollar on the $1000 refund. Also that would mean that if it’s not treated as a refund I would pay double conversion from EUR to US and from US back to EUR.