How glowforge reads what order to engrave

Sorry if this has been covered - did a search but maybe I used the wrong wording. I imported a client’s dxf file. All it is is 60 1.5" round tags. I suspect he did maybe four and copied and pasted to fill the page and then aligned them. I then put the text needed on each tag. When I import into glowforge I have the plates he supplied and I manipulate the info so it’s all aligned.

My problem is that glowforge does not engrave them in order. It skips maybe 3 then engraves. It is taking a lot longer than it should. Is there something I can do to make it read them in order across.

I have ungrouped, Selected all and made sure the lines are all one color. Anything else I can do?

Oh and I tell glowforge to ignore the cut lines and just do the engraving.


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I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything you can do to make that happen differently. I’ve had it do the same thing with me and it’s annoyingly inefficient. There might be someone who does know how to change that…and will hopefully chime in about it.


It’s usually more efficient to rasterize all the engraves into one image - the laser will treat it as one item then. You can do this in something Illustrator or Inkscape. For vector engraves GF has a mind of its own.


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