How has everyone else's consistency been with proofgrade?



Asking because I’ve seen a couple of other reports of the finishing on proofgrade plywood not being consistent. I had an issue about 5-6 weeks ago with a large order of proofgrade medium cherry and not having the same quality finish as my original PG orders (the original box and my first order with the store credit).

so, now that we’re a ways into a larger number of machines in the wild and people using their machines and ordering additional proofgrade, how has everyone else’s consistency been for finish (both how smooth and color), thickness, and cutting with subsequent orders of PG?


Mine has, there was a piece or two that was a little rougher in the satin finish. Nothing that prompted me to mention. I have seen a pic here of some terrible finish.


I got one piece of red oak that was a little warped, but I was able to flatten it, with extra magnets, to cut it. Other than that, I’ve gone through a bunch of it, about 4 orders of 10-15 pieces of different stuff without problems.


It’s hit or miss sometimes on the finish. Lately it seems like the recent maple hardwood has almost no finish, some walnut medium plywood has ugly and too-tough-for-proofgrade-cut finish, the medium plywood in general has had a different finish than thick plywood I’ve seen (but I haven’t had thick plywood in a while, maybe not a thing anymore), etc.

Most often though, the medium plywood finish is consistent between pieces, and so is the hardwood finish except the recent maple I’ve had. And it’s all proofgrade-cut ready except for when you need to clean your lenses or have a tough plywood finish.