How holey is too holey?


So I was just trying to set up a job on this piece of proofgrade Draftboard:

Not warped, held down with magnets, QR code intact, etc. GFUI had a fit of bad behavior, including multiple window refreshes, kicking me back to GFUI homepage, multiple “material height” error messages, etc – on both Safari and Chrome.

I finally swapped out to a fresh piece of Draftboard and the job is running without issue. Ok, great, except there is plenty of material left on the board that was causing the GFUI to freak out. Have you guys run into this before? Did I cause the problem by densely packing my cuts in the center under the camera? I’ve got other pieces that are pretty cut up that don’t cause the same issue – but this is the first time I’ve tiled so many square/rectangle cuts so closely.

Any hints or best practices for getting the most out of a sheet of PG?


Put a piece of white paper over the holes when it does its thing…the cameras get confused by dark colors. (I.e., the tray)


Particularly, it gets confused by black rectangles… you have a few :wink:


Ah, excellent. Will try, thanks.


How else am I supposed to run a zillion tiny printing plate experiments? :smirk:


I will generally cut the full sheets down on a sliding mitre saw to prevent loss around the perimeter.
This is a full sheet, and cutting it allowed me to use all of it, cutting half at a time.


I really ought to get into doing that with some of the material I’ve got stockpiled around here. :ok_hand:


Look at you with your fancy awesome original crumb tray.


It’s an older picture Tom, I decided to keep the new one, and I can’t say why … I spent the longest time looking at them side by side. Funny, the first regret I’ve had was as I read your reply!
I would like to know what black finish they used on it that is impervious to the laser.


Ok, that’s impressive. I’ll have to give it a try when the weather clears up and I can get the tools out!


Those perimeter areas add up! I’m my layout I will plan the cut to accommodate the design, this one happened to be exactly half. The design was the ‘Save the date’ announcements, and I actually scaled the shape down a tiny amount that allowed me to get another full row of cuts out of the sheet.
The size difference had no effect on the asthetic result, but it amounted to material savings across the 100 I needed.


yeah, the black on our universal’s crumb tray burns away at the first cut.


That material shouldn’t cause problems, holes or not - please report it to (be sure to include the time of the print problems so they can research).


Would under the work be better ?



Wow! Now THIS is efficient use of material. Great tip…I’ll be doing this.


Ok, will do. Hopefully an approximate time is close enough.

Interestingly, the exact same file on the exact same piece of Draftboard got all the way to “press the button” stage last night with no problem. It was too late to run it last night, but I am printing now and everything is working as expected.


I just did a project where I wanted to use the full 12” width of a piece of Proofgrade Ply. I needed to cut two related designs that each used 12x8.5”. I’ll post more about it later, but I used the pass through slot, feeding it so the 12” dimension was along the X axis, to put the area to be worked fully in range. The last operation of each section was a full-width cut. I aligned them using manual indexing (ran a light score on paper taped to the crumb tray) and it turned out perfectly. And I have a 3” (minus a kerf) x 12” scrap perfectly useable :slight_smile:


Cool! I’m more constrained with a basic.


Coming to this late, in my (limited experience) it seems to be about where the red dot hits when scanning. Which is kinda sorta near where your design is but not exactly. At least sometimes. If the dot is off the edge you get an error.


Pfffft… look at all that usable material you have left on that sheet! Hope you arent tossing stuff like that out.