How hot does it get at the laser contact point? Baking stone etching

I’m thinking about trying to etch a baking stone made of cordierite, and the only specs I can find are that “this half-inch thick cordierite baking stone loves heat and is safe to 1450°F”.

Obviously the temperature at the point where the laser hits the material depends on how much energy is absorbed vs reflected, and since a pizza stone is mostly non-reflective, I’m assuming it’s absorbing most of that energy.

Mostly, I’m trying to figure out “will it etch”… any thoughts?

Probably. It all depends on what it reflects in the CO2 laser wavelengths.

The actual temperature at the laser impact site will depend on a great deal of factors, including your settings and the thermal properties of the stone, especially conductivity.

Most Stone does engrave, though it usually engraves white. Pizza stones are usually light colored so you might not get great contrast.

The only way to know is to test.


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