How is #whatmadethis going?

We’re a few days into the #whatmadethis campaign, and it looks like we’re going to be writing a lot of big checks to folks, which makes us really happy. We’re discussing what’s going well and what could do better. What do you all think so far?


Glad to hear it…is it going the way you envisioned, or do you want to take it in a different direction?


I wasn’t actually sure this was still running. It sounded like a very limited number of units available at the start.

I went ahead and started to play on Twitter after seeing this. I’ve got a couple people interested, but we’ll see how that works out.


Hate that I’m missing out waiting on my GF

How long are you running the campaign? And is there a cap on referrals?

other than nobody has randomly used my referral link yet (:money_mouth_face:), it seems at least interesting to me. i’ve been watching what people have posted.


Absolutely it is! We’re sending out referral bonuses & shipping Pro units every day.

It’s been amazing - the stuff people are sharing is terrific. We’re going to create some ads to showcase the incredible work people are doing. Bailey’s looking for #whatmadethis projects on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, asking people’s permission to share. The ads will have people’s referral codes in them, so it should be great for the folks who are participating!


Thank you for the retweets! I’m glad the campaign is showing off some of the wonderful things we see in the forums all the time.