How it the Loss of Internet suppose to work?

We had an electrical storm lost internet :

Had to reset the internet for the glowforge.

Why does the Glowforge not remember my internet like my printer does , why do i have to keep on going thru the Purple Button Process every time is my machine not working right.?

Or is this exactly how it is setup to work and why ?

I have never had to reset the internet on my Glowforge. The only time you should have to reconnect your GF to your WiFi access point is if you change something to do with your WiFi. It should save the SSID and the access passcode and reconnect automatically.

It may be that your router was damaged due to the electrical storm and that is causing issues, or it may be that your GF has an issue, but you should not have to reconnect it to WiFi on a regular basis unless there is a problem with your WiFi or your Glowforge. I turn my GF off after I get done with it and when I turn it back on the GF connects to WiFi automatically.


My GF remembers my internet. The only time I have ever had to reconfigure the GF was when I changed to a different router. Possibly you have your router set to change device IP addresses every time it powers up. Maybe you want your router to use DHCP (just guessing that may be an issue). My internet has been going out at least once a day for the last week and I shut down my GF after every job and reboot my router at least once a week and my GF connects automatically.


Yes , That is what is happening to my Glowforge also , but somehow its missing the auto connect and becoming a nightmare. I will post find finding as I detail this up , the process.

thank you

I am currently suffering Arctic Molasses Internet. Sometimes I have had to repost here a couple of times to get it to take. It has been off twice and arctic the rest of the time for 2 days. I have rebooted a couple of times and it gets worse when I try.

I have not managed to get far enough along to actually cut anything in that time but as far as I can tell it is still connected.

I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble with your unit staying connected. I saw that you have multiple forum threads open that reference this, so I’m going to close the others and our team will continue to assist you in the original thread you started recently: