How long can I leave a preorder open?


I haven’t accepted shipment for the Pro, shipping was offered Jan 24. How long can I leave the order in the glowforge system?


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I think I have read that after 30 days they automatically refund you but you have already passed that point, so I guess it’s longer.


Did you tell them that you wanted to defer receiving the unit? Or did you just not respond to the email?

For instance, if you told them you wanted to wait until the filters were ready, they will contact you again when the filters are ready. (Or when whatever stipulation you had was met.)

If you just ignored the email, the pertinent section is outlined in section 3.7 of the Terms of Service on the main website:

3.7 Orders. Your order constitutes an offer to purchase a Product, and all orders are subject to Glowforge’s acceptance. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, Glowforge may accept, decline, or place limits on your order for any reason. You do, however, acknowledge that by clicking on the “Buy”, “Buy Now”, “Purchase”, “Pay Now” or other similar button, you enter into an obligation to pay for the Product. Your order is complete when Glowforge informs you that your shipment is ready and you provide final approval to ship. Please review the Product information carefully before you provide your final approval; Products may change significantly from the time that you submitted your offer to Glowforge and the time that the Product is ready for shipment. If Glowforge rejects your offer, Glowforge will, as your sole and exclusive remedy and Glowforge’s sole and exclusive liability, refund the amount you paid as described in Section 3.13. Glowforge will send you an email to the address provided by you once the Product is ready for shipment to indicate whether your pre-order has been accepted or rejected. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Glowforge’s pre-order acceptance policy, or if you believe that your pre-order was rejected in error, please contact Glowforge at If you do not provide your shipping information within 30 days of Glowforge’s request, Glowforge may, at its sole discretion, provide you a full refund of the amount you paid or continue to attempt to contact you. Glowforge will make reasonable efforts to contact you to provide a refund after that 30 day period, but if Glowforge does not receive a response from you within 90 days of Glowforge’s initial request for your shipping address, or if Glowforge is not able to process your refund after that 30 day period (for example, due to a cancelled credit card or closed PayPal account), then Glowforge will treat the amount that you paid as unclaimed property in accordance with applicable law.


Thanks, I sent an e-mail to them.

That’s okay then…if you told them you wanted to wait for it, they’ll contact you again later. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for help, I put it on delay with order a cancellation option.

If it helps anyone in the future:

To retain the option to cancel a delayed order, you have to contact them directly and they note it somewhere before you place the order on delay.

It’s this way because to get to the delay option screen, you have to give your shipping information…but normally when you give your shipping information, it becomes non-cancellable FAQ - How can I cancel? So one has to contact them directly to retain the option to cancel

Thanks for writing in! I see we followed up there.

In general, if you’re unsure when you’ll be ready to receive your Glowforge, simply follow the link provided in your email and choose to delay your shipment.

When you’re ready, please reach back out to and we can begin the shipment process.

I’m sorry for any confusion around the option to delay. If you decide to delay your Glowforge’s shipment, you do not need to contact and you can enter your address while still retaining the right to cancel for a full refund in the future.

The unlimited, no questions asked refund policy ends after we’ve received your address and you let us know you are ready to receive your Glowforge. Once you’ve begun the shipping process, our warranty applies (information at