How Long did it take to get your Glowforge?

I just ordered mine and I was wondering how long it took from ordering to doorstep to get yours?

2 years?


It took you 2 years to receive your Glowforge after placing your order?

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Well… to be fair I was in on the preorder so they were still designing it.

These days, it depends on which version the factory is currently making. Orders are taken while a batch of basics is made, a batch of the middle one, and then the pros are made and then back around again.

Though that may change as they are moving or just moved assembly factories. So it depends on what you ordered and what the current batch is. But usually not more than a week or two I think?

Sign up for ups and FedEx as you’ll often get notification from them before GF can tell you. The factory tells the shipping company and gf, but the shipping will post to the account immediately whereas GF takes time to tell you.

Ps-welcome to the GF family! :grin:


They build them to order. I believe they give you an estimate when you buy - and most folks have been within a week of that estimate. Weird things happen, but for the most part. If you don’t remember what yours was, and you ordered from, you can log into your account and the estimate will be there: (I think, I also ordered in the pre-order so things may have changed!)

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Welcome to the forum.

The delivery time is variable, and I suspect that you got an ETA when you placed your order. As for me, I waited about 26 months.

Try to be patient and use the wait time to work on designs, prepare your workspace and get ahead on sleep. Once you receive your Glowforge you want to be ready to get producing from day one.

In a Basic owner - I ordered mine in late March and received it on April 1st.

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Mine came the week I ordered it:-)

Same as above, 26 months… :smile:

There’s no set time as they are not sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped out. They are pretty much built to-order, so it could be days, it could be a couple of weeks.

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