How long does it take to receive a replacement machine?

Hi everyone,

I have experienced issues with my machine and I have been processed to receive a new machine. I have a receipt of this but never received information on tracking or shipping details… how long will it take to receive this information and to receive my replacement machine?
I use this to operate my business and have had to issue several refunds because they are delayed due to the machine breaking.
Please send my replacement as soon as possible!!

First, always have a backup plan. Either see if a customer is willing to wait (a fair amount usually are understanding), or outsource the project! Once you’re booming, get a second machine that is the backup, and ONLY use it for the backup. You don’t want both failing at the same time.

Second, the GlowForge machine is meant to be a hobbyist or a supplemental machine. If you’re running it all day or even a lot every day, you may want to consider a more industrial machine. The GlowForge machine can put up with a LOT but the slow repair and customer service speed can really put a damper on a business.

Third, GlowForge does not directly handle sending replacements. They are at the mercy of the places that house the machines. It can take a few business days to get your tracking and such (I had waited about 5 business days to get my info, even though I had already sent my original one back). And be sure you’re signed up for FedEx/UPS shipment notifications to your house. Sometimes they get the info before support can email you.

Just have a little more patience. You got this!


I apologize for the wait. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.