How long does shipping take?

I recently purchased my GF Plus back on Dec. 29th and have not received any info on it so far. According to their website it said “arrives before Jan. 22nd”. Should I have heard something by now and how long does it usually take? Thanks!

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They actually ship from the manufacturer, or someone that isn’t actually the Glowforge office. So they won’t have any information about shipping. I have heard of people who received their machines the day before they received a shipping notice. The best thing to do is to sign up for the FedEx app and then you should get a shipping notice once it actually ships.


Much appreciated! I’ll download the app :+1:

I purchased mine on December 17th, received a notice from UPS on January 5th that it had shipped from a logistic distribution center in Kentucky. Arrived via 2-day shipping in Minnesota. The original expected delivery date was January 11th.

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I ordered about the same time and just got an email there will be a delay. They said first part of February now. They also sent a $100 gift card for the shop…that doesn’t have anything in it. Go figure. I will hold on to it for awhile.

Thats what I’m worried about! Which model did you purchase?

Same here, a bunch of Crap! the shipping has no rhyme or reason. A lady on FB said she got hers a month early. How can that be!!??


A update every now and again would be helpful. Hopefully it all works out for us!

Hi @chriskimberling. I’m so sorry that you haven’t gotten an update from us regarding your order. Because this requires the sharing of personal information, I’ve followed up with you via email instead.