How long for replacement parts to the uk?


just wondering how long replacement parts take to the uk. I think my lens is damaged as im struggling to cut. its also a little cloudy and cleaning doesnt help

When I had that issue, they replaced the whole laser. New one was delivered within the week and the old one taken away.
The only issue was that I had to pay the duty again and then claim back the duty from the original one… (still waiting for that, can take up to 6 weeks apparently)


When you say the whole laser do you mean the whole glowforge or the print head?

Thanks for getting back to me btw, really appreciate it. We are on our own a bit due to the lead times on support replies.

Whole thing, complete. Apart from the crumb tray and hose…

You pay Duty again, but there is a form you can use to claim back the duty on the original laser


interesting . will see what they suggest then. The initial reply on email suggested a new lens but im not sure thats the right answer as it shouldn’t have clouded already. Something is obviously up.

out of interest is this what your lens ended up looking like?

Google Photos

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My issue maybe was a bit different then, there was no obvious damage to the mirrors or light path.
I ran a test, they checked stuff from there end (I guess the app just gives all our secrets away :slight_smile: ) and said they had to send a new one… that got to me in 4 days from that decision.


Times like this im thankful for the 12 month warranty!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.