How Long? Ownership Transfer

Hi all,

I cancelled my new Pro order after a second/third delay and ended up purchasing a Factory Sealed Refurb from a girl in my area. She has sent the email yesterday requesting the transfer of ownership, and provided my new email (not the account I am writing from now) to transfer it over. I am still waiting on the email with a password so that I can set it up…@dan

Does anyone know how long this takes?? I understand customer service is busy but its a painful wait here…

As soon as Support has verified that the seller’s account is valid, they will transfer ownership, but I have no idea how long that takes…probably at least a couple of days if it’s a valid account.

Did you have the original owner verify that the machine was activated/valid before you purchased it? (Turn it on, print a job in front of you?) If they never activated the refurb, it might take much longer to track down the provenance of the refurbished unit. (Possibly weeks? The refurbs come from a different repair facility, and it will depend on how quickly they get back to Glowforge with the answers.)

So anyway, it’s a complete WAG how long it will be. But good luck! Hope it’s quick.

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Plus they don’t officially work weekends - so today is Day 1

Weeks!? Omg.

No it hasn’t been opened (until I opened it and put it on my desk)

It’s a trusted seller otherwise I wouldn’t have gone that route, and the machine still has warranty until July.

Oh dear! Ok, so day 1 today. So I may not even get to use this for another few weeks… brutal :sob:

I am thinking they need to add in some more customer supports… :grimacing:

Hello @lyssap5, I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.