How long will it take

Is there a way to find out how long a print will take without switching on the machine and hitting print?


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Nope. You have to turn the machine on and upload and put in settings to see how long it will take to print.


It does seem tedious, doesn’t it? But well worth it; I’ve caught major errors by checking the expected time. Doubled images, something set to ‘engrave’ that should have been cut, excessive complexity, etc.


Just trying to plan my day. Thank you.

This is one of the reasons my GF is on a Wi-Fi connected strip. I can turn it on from anywhere and get a time. Then turn it off without running it.


From anywhere, meaning you don’t have to get up and flip the switch? I guess that’s a nice touch.


yup. i just leave the GF switch turned on and i turn the machine on and off from the geeni wifi switch. i can be at my office 10 miles away and turn it on/off. just can’t start a job, which is good.


I like the TP-Link Kasa series, but I imagine they are all probably pretty similar.

I don’t use it for a laser, but I do use it for the glue machine. Since it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to fully warm up, I can put it on a Monday-Saturday schedule to turn on at 730a, and turn off at 430pm which makes it ready to go when I get in, and off when I head to the post office and home.


i don’t need a schedulable switch. but what i do like about the geeni i have is that it’s a 6 plug outlet and i can turn them all on at once or turn on individual plugs. so i have the GF in one, the fan in another.

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