How many have had problems and sent their units back for repair?

I have had my glowforge for 14 days and now I am awaiting return tags to send it in for repair and them to send a refurbished unit to me. It seems there are several others from the forums i have read that have had to send their units in for repair. Is this normal? As a newbie, I am trying to figure out the scope of the units’ repair rates. Was there a bad batch of components maybe?

  • I have had to send my unit in for repair
  • I was able to make a field repair
  • Everything is working like it should

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I don’t think this is the place for a post like this. This forum is for getting help from Glowforge staff.

But, yes, I had a similar issue. I have my new Glowforge Plus for about two weeks, then it stopped working (always thought the lid was open). They sent me a cable and I replaced it, but that didn’t change anything. So I sent back the original unit and I am still waiting for the replacement to arrive. They may have had a bad batch from the factory.

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You do realize over 22,000 of these have been sold?

(no issues, owned since 2017…)


Same here

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No problems…original machine from Aug. 2017

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I had to be shipped a replacement unit in 2018, because the glass was coming loose on the door, but the machine still worked great. I should of just reglued it. Otherwise it’s a great machine.

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Mine is 2 years old and going strong :muscle:

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My first was an oob failure followed by two that fedex sent back as damaged and finally the one I have that has been lightly used since fall 2017.

The world may never know.



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