How many pros out there?


Anyone been keeping up? I’m curious and still anxiously awaiting


Don’t know the answer, but happy birthday anyway!


Happy birthday :tada::balloon:


Happy Birthday!
I am guessing the little cake by your name indicates this, lol
Hope you have an EPIC day!


Happy birthday!

Looking at the doc, not many, but looks like at least 3 people got their tracking information yesterday. A couple of others reported tracking on the 16th, so maybe they received them but have been too busy playing to fill out the doc. Nothing on UPS for me yet, but I just replied to the shipping email last Thursday and I’ll update as soon as I get a notification of shipping.


I can see three delivered and seven in transit.


Happy Big Cake day!! :tada::birthday:


With luck and being home for UPS today will be my proday.


Oooo hopefully so!
I knew of two that were out there currently, will be good to see a 3rd and 4th from you and @andistarnes! Definitely post up some photos. Not enough pro action going on around here


I’m woefully behind on prep. it might be a week before I get table built window venting and everything arranged. Stupid work and bills. :frowning:


Happy Birthday!!!
I think they are actually going out faster than anyone can track at this point. With everyone getting upset (I was one of them) and trying to use sheets to track things, and other such things, I think people are more hesitant to say they got the e-mail or have one already. Then there’s all the ones who don’t come to the forum at all.


Happy Birthday @takitus! Thanks for your leadership on this forum and amazing contributions. I know that when you get a Pro, you will put it through its paces.


Happy bday!
Mine is arriving today…


oh man congrats! Thats super exciting!


@cynd11, @PrintToLaser, @positiveforward, @andistarnes, @rodrigobrionesm, @hansena, @marmak3261, @Brandon

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Its been a pleasure knowing you guys over the course of the past few orbits!


Where are you going? You don’t get to just receive a forge a leave…that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.


The only place im hoping to go in the near future is down the hill to help carry my GF up to the house =). Whenever that happens. It is a steep hill though…


Happiest of birthdays to you! :space_invader::dango::lollipop::heart::cookie::candy::balloon::shaved_ice::cake::birthday::tanabata_tree::tropical_drink::notes::chicken::gift::cat:


My Pro arrived at 11:05 CDT. I don’t think I’m in the spreadsheet.


I helped the poor guy carry it from the truck, so he was happy to help me take it downstairs. They aren’t supposed to enter your house, but he helped anyway, and the $10 i gave him as he left put a smile on his face.
I wasn’t about to stand there and watch him struggle with that precious load.