How much have I cut so far?

Hey everyone! I can’t seem to find this info anywhere; does anyone know if there’s a way to check how many hours you’ve cut with your machine? Is that information stored somewhere?

I use it so sporadically; 2 minutes here, 15 minutes there, 30 seconds next, and so on. I’m not sure when I should be cleaning the cutter, as I don’t know if I’ve even used it for 40 hours yet.

Any info is helpful, thanks in advance!

Nowhere accessible to us.

The first things you’ll see get dirty are the two laser windows (the left side of the head, and then another on the left end of the gantry under the left cover of the machine.

The laser window on the head indicates to me when I need to clean. If I can see anything on that window, I know I should clean.

It really only takes under a minute to do a complete cleaning of the windows, lens and mirror, once you’ve done it once or twice.

And it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing to familiarize yourself with the process.


The 40 hours is a WAG. It all depends on what your doing - cutting vs engraves & material PG Draftboard or play vs Baltic Birch or tiles.

I clean it every week or if I notice the head camera image starting to cloud over.


I clean it when the tube starts to look dirty. That can run anywhere from a week to a month depending on what I’m cutting and how much I’m cutting. Once in a while I take the hose off the back and check the exhaust fan as well, that can get crud built up on it that needs to be vacuumed out.


This has been requested numerous times.


My husband and I bought a kilowatt meter plug for ours. We needed to be able to keep track of energy use to gauge the electric cost of running George (our GF).
He has some projects he needs to bid and we needed to know what to factor in for the cost of running our GF.


Not to thread jack, but I must ask… What have you learned about power consumption? Color me intrigued. lol

Haven’t learned much yet: I only received my machine 3 weeks ago, so I haven’t seen the new electric bill yet.

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Unless you make my father look like a spendthrift it’s unlikely you’ll notice a difference.


Still gathering data.

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