How much room for error do I have if I order material with 20" width

My Glowforge Pro will arrive next week, I’m trying to order some material now. I want to order some 20" material, but I don’t know if they are precisely cut. I’m afraid if the material came slightly larger than 20" and won’t fit in the Glowforge. What is the actual maximum material width that will fit in the Glowforge? I want to know how much room for error I have.

Update: Thanks for the answers and thanks @Jules for the answer I’m looking for. I’m probably not very clear in my question. I was gonna get 20" wide and very long(longer than 20") material, I was afraid the material is slightly larger than 20" and won’t fit in the pass-through slot.


Proofgrade sheets are 20½ inches wide. Any more than that and you will have to cut it down, it won’t fit flat on the tray.


If you find material in 4’ x 8’ Sheets it works out that 8’ = 96" and 5* 19" = 95" which leaves 0.25" for each of the four cuts and the maximum size you can cut is just over 19" in any case so I get my 4x8 sheets cut in 5 pieces and use the pass through to take as much as I need and add a horizontal cut that makes it over each end to slice what I need.


In Japan, the Glowforge Pro can be used as a knife! But this doesn’t work with a tomato…

Seriously though, a lot of the stuff I get comes in 12" x 24". The passthrough slot and a saved file with a single line across it comes in handy to split them right in half.

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Oh…just noticed you said Pro model…no problem at all with your machine, you can feed it in through the Passthrough slot and trim off anything that’s a bit too long. (It’s an excellent use for the Passthrough that I use all the time…you actually can access every bit of the material with a Pro.)

You’re golden! :sunglasses:


Okay, you should still be cool. You have a slight amount of leeway there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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