How the GF 'cloud' software saved my @$% today


We were headed out of town this morning to a graduation, and I had a number of engraves to finish before we left, and time was tight. Then I got an emergency work call and had to go into the office. I spent all night dialing in the best settings for what I was cutting, but wasnt going to make it home in time to get everything cut before we had to go.

I called my girlfriend to try to walk her through what I needed to do, but in the middle of the call realized I could just do it from my phone! I only had to get her to put the material in and push the button and everything came out great, and in plenty of time! What a relief to be able to set everything up so easily from a remote location!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

Excellent job.




Simply gorgeous takitus. Is that clear acrylic held above the wood plaque by four little acrylic squares? Layered acrylic is probably my favorite look combined with wood.




Thank you! It is. Its a paraphrased Dumbledore quote + hogwarts engrave over the Harry Potter Wizarding World Map. It was designed to be difficult to read unless its in a darker environment… in play with the quote.


Just lovely. I have a kinda similar layered idea floating in my head where I hope to fit single LED bulbs thought the wood and behind the elevated “frosted” windows of a cabin. I like the unobtrusive corner acrylic spacers and will be stealing your idea. Thanks :slight_smile:


10 points to hufflepuff


That looks fantastic nice job. And yay for the cloud for the save. :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh. That’s stunning.

Have done my share of “please put the material in the forge and push the button” calls. :slight_smile:


That. Is. Beautiful! Whoa. Thanks for sharing!


Pure Magic! So Amazing that you were able to do this from your phone! :grin:


Holy cow, I can’t get over how amazing that looks!! Outstanding job! And to be able to set it all up from your phone…:heart_eyes:


This is omg omg omg! Harry Potter World should hire you ASAP!


I just think that cloud use will continue to get more and more robust. There are just so many upsides to this. It can be a deal breaker for some use cases but to just dismiss it out of hand as so many do is just not reasonable.


So great to hear this—the remote option is something I’ve been excited about for my brother who lives an hour away—I know he’ll want to make stuff and I’d love for him to be able to, but he can’t always drive up this way, so whenever I’m home and he wants to cut something, we can. Thanks for sharing!


Just set it and forget it. Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere. Oh, yes here it is.

They’re actually great! I have two.






ahem. Sounds like a hoax!!! VAPERWARE!!!