How to arrange pieces that don't fit on your wood

I uploaded an svg that has many cuts. There is more than what will fit on the wood. I need to move them over to the right so I can cut on my second piece of wood. I can’t seem to grab them one at a time to move them over. They are very close together so when I try to click one it grabs half of the other piece and separates it.

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You can ungroup the file or you can zoom way, way in so that you can grab individual pieces.


That can be a feature more than a bug. Any piece that is outside the cut area will not cut. Therefore. I will frequently put the whole thing on the screen and any part that cannot be cut completely will not be started. Then I can move it around so only the parts that were not cut before are the only ones that will cut. This is no help or replacement for the passthrough but for an arrangement of not connected items, it makes the cut without messing with the arrangement.


That is good to know. I wondered if only part of my design was on the wood if it would just cut the part it saw. So, to confirm before I try this any pieces that are not completely on the wood will not be cut?

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No, it’s all or nothing per object/shape. You’ll see the line color change.


This ^^^^
That is the key feature. To match the points exactly is hard but if the parts not cut before are a millimeter off but not crossing the previously cut pieces it will work just fine.

To be clear, it has no idea how big your wood is. The cut area is determined by the machine based on what you’re doing (cut/engrave/score) and the speed you’re trying to do it. So it can and will cut an entire thing on your crumb tray if you have no wood there but it’s within the acceptable boundaries!

In this quick video you can see how the individual items turn red as they hit the edge of the :glowforge: cutting area - but when I group the whole thing, if even one part is off the whole thing turns red. None of that makes any reference to the visible piece of material I’ve got in my bed :slight_smile:

Just an fyi. The design I’m using is fully packed on my full sheet of wood. There are three pieces that don’t fit, half of them are off the board. So I went ahead and printed assuming those three pieces I could cut on another piece of wood or squeeze them in somewhere. It actually cut the half that was on the board.

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Photos? Normally it is only supposed to cut per enclosed area. And even if the enclosed area would cut but the engraved area inside will not (it might not go as far to the right/left depending on speed) then none of it is supposed to cut. If the enclosed area has gaps then it will cut to those gaps as long as none go outside the cuttable area.

Of course, the bed area and the PG material is bigger than the cuttable area.

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