How to cancel project?

How do you cancel a project. I looked at the time wrong. It said 6 hours and I read it as 6 minutes.

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Click the link that says “cancel”,

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Hit cancel on the interface or open the lid.


That must be one heck of a project! Especially as a first project. Welcome to our addiction :partying_face: and may you have better luck with future pieces, It is best to follow the steps laid out for starting up to get used to how it all works by doing the projects of starting out.


You got me curious as to what you were up to with this. Full bed-sized bitmap at high resolution? Lots of nodes? Many copies of something?

Have you gone through the First Three Prints tutorials? That may assist in understanding what’s going on.

Also, spend some time staring at the GFUI (user interface). Explore the screen real estate. See what is behind the buttons. Drop down menus and click through. Hover over things to get some tips. Read the details.

My first print was delayed about ten minutes because for the life of me I couldn’t find the print icon on my screen. It was a little smaller back then and the GFUI was in its infancy. I was looking over at the left where the operations are and never scanned up to the right and to find the print button.


Thanks for the answer @ eflyguy and @ dklgood , that is correct! I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other issues or just need a little guidance, go ahead and post a new topic or contact us directly at