How to convert this image in inkscape or illustrator to get it to cut, not engrave

Can someone please point me in right direction to get this image to cut. The only option is to Engrave when I open in GFUI. Tried everything I know to do with my limited knowledge of Inkscape. Even asked the original artist if there was something they could do in illustrator without success. (590.1 KB)

This is a raster graphic. They always engrave.

Try searching the forum for “raster vector inkscape trace”, it’s been laid out a bunch.

I’d ask the original artist for a vector copy of it (if it exists) or just trace it.

It’s worth mentioning that your art is massive, like 24" across. I think you definitely have your work cut out for you to get this ready for the GF, but this one’s a freebie:


I did two options for you, take a look and decide which you want to use. I suspect option 2, but you never know, you never said what exactly you’re trying to do.

Definitely try searching inkscape trace.


Thank you very much for the quick reply.

He did it in Illustrator, so not sure how it got converted to raster.

I actually reduce the size to under 3" before I save it from Inkscape as a plain svg file. I want to cut the outside line only. There is an image that goes inside the outline. I am able to convert that okay in Inkscape.

I found some links on the Glowforge Customer Training Center spreadsheet I am looking at now,

Thanks again for your help.


If you download that svg it has a version like you want.

Yes, I saw that. Thanks again.

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