How to cut objects with height and depth

How to figure how how to cut objects with depth ? I have a 3/4 pc of wood I want to engrave but I cant figure out how to do it with out burning the wood

The laser engraves by burning the wood. The deeper the engrave, the more it is burned.

The most effective settings are limited to 1/8" deep or so.

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what settings on screen should I use?

You need to test to find the settings that work for your material. Nobody can say what will work for “3/4 pc of wood”…

It takes more time, but you can run a final engrave pass at lower power, and that can help clean up the char.

what is the focus hight really look for ? object ?

Are you wanting to do a 3D Engrave like this?

You have to first create a Depth Map. That video shows how to do it in Blender. Then you would use the 3D Engrave setting in the Glowforge interface, and it will do the depth calculations for you.


no but im going to try that

If you are just looking for deeper engraves then, the higher the LPI you use in your settings, the deeper it’s going to cut. (And it will char some, but that can be brushed out.)

If your piece is 3/4” thick you’ll also need to take out the crumb tray and then prop up the piece or it will get hit by the head fan. Search the forum for “engraving without crumb tray” and you’ll see lots of tips.


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