How to cut oversize pieces

I want to cut and score a map of the lake we live on. I want it to be large, about 36 inches long and about 15 inches wide. Is there a way I can cut pieces of it and then glue it together? When I put the design on the bed, naturally it is too big to fit. Can I somehow erase part of it and cut it then go back and undo the erase and cut the next part? I hope this is making sense. Thank you so much.

You will need to make the map in pieces. What design software do you use? Do you have the Pro?


I have Silhouette design studio business edition and the basic glowforge.

I am not familiar with the Silhouette software but you need to break it at the halfway point in each direction. If you have something like a road than can be the break point, so much the better. If the lake itself is less than 10.75"x 19" it would be excellent to make that separately like a puzzle. If you can build a second layer with the breaks at different places then putting the layers together would make one strong shape.

With a pro you could do it in one piece, so if you know someone near by…

Thank you for your help!

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