How to cut same project over and over?

I have a project that uses a whole 12x20 sheet, and I need to make about 35 of them. After each one I have to keep going back to the computer to hit print, then wait several minutes for it to upload to the cloud and back to my glowforge again. Is there any way to just keep running the same project over and over with just a material change and start it up again? Using the computer between each run is annoying when the project hasn’t changed.

Thanks for the help.

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No. There is currently no batch production mode, though it has been requested.

It may ostensibly be the same project, but there are variations in material (even :proofgrade:) so it has to do the bed readings each time, but it would be nice if there was a “repeat” button on the Done screen (so you literally cannot even touch the artwork) so while they’d still have to send the data they could presumably pull an exact copy of what they sent down from the last set of records. Possible, but not exactly easy programming.

It might be advantageous in your case to grab the iOS app, or just use a mobile browser to hit print, so you don’t have to go back to the computer.

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Tell me about it. Collectively I have done 3 orders for 5,000 tokens, 56 at a time. More than a week of that dance, but it did pay for the machine, so… first world problem. :grin:


That’s correct. I’ve passed the suggestion for this feature on to the team. Thanks for asking!

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