How to do different shades of engraving

Hello. I am trying to engrave a logo and it has 2 different shades in it. How do I create that look?

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Engraving by nature doesn’t “shade” like an ink printer can. You can fake it two ways. One way would be to put the settings on a 3-d engrave. That would possibly allow for different depths giving the illusion of shading depending on your image. The second way would to use a pattern on the image itself such as dots. Here is a actual drawing example below. More dots will have more material removed, less dots will have less material removed giving the illusion of two different values like a pen and ink drawing.


The key is - to test on the material you intend to use.

Vary Power does not always produce a “darker” result, just deeper. “Dots” often does, but may not be the effect you are looking for.

So take a sample of the image, a scrap of your material, and try different settings until you get a result you are happy with.

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Depending on the material, you also might be able to get a darker engrave with more power / lower speed, and a lighter one with less power / more speed. You can make a series of rectangles and try different settings on each, to see how well that will work on your material. :slight_smile:


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