How to engrave a cutting board with raised edge - please help!

Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I am new to Glowforge and am attempting to engrave a cutting board that has a raised edge (height 1.45") and the center, (where I am actually engraving, is only 1". I keep getting a focus error when attempting to print. I have “set focus”, shut the machine down, and done everything possible at least 5 times. Can I engrave on wood that is multiple levels?
I would appreciate any help or guidance anyone can offer.
Thank you!

The focus range of the Glowforge is 1/2", which means the surface to be engraved must between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. In order for the printhead to clear the lip of the cutting board, the lip must also be between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. Therefore, you must elevate the cutting board about 1/2", which will make the lip 1.95" from the floor and the area to be engraved should be just barely in the focus range. After elevating your cutting board, use the set focus tool in the middle of the board.


You can not engrave on that. As the focus only has a 0.5" range, you would be below the minimum height if your board is elevated enough to avoid collision with the laser head.


The post says the board is 1.45" with the center at 1". There is less than 1/2" from the top of the lip to the center. Therefore, it can be engraved. The lip must be nearly 2" from the floor.


Oh my goodness… thank you!!! Your advice worked. I was completely unaware of the focus range.


Nicely done.


That turned out really nice!

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