How To Export Designs Created in GF App

Hi everyone!

Has anyone figured out a way to export layouts created using the new app features (SO EXCITED ABOUT THOSE)? I would like to back them up and use them for other applications and screenshots won’t cut it.


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I don’t think that is an option right now. It may be later, but if I recall correctly that is a feature in the hopper and of low priority. That may have changed recently.


You save your file in your library. To date, you are not allowed to download the file to your computer.


Too bad… I’ll have to redesign a few things. I really liked the drag-and-drop. Hope they improve the text capabilities for curved-text. Nice to have fonts ready to cut without having to create an SVG.

There was an upgrade to the text feature today. Check out the announcement.


Hi @BenA,

There is currently no capability to export your design from the Glowforge app. However, it is a feature we have in the hopper. You can see more discussion if this topic here, so I’m going to close this thread.

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