How to find Joann's Proofgrade

I have filled a couple of Ear Saver orders and am burning through my 1/8" Acrylic inventory.

I saw a note about finding material that ProofGrade might be available at my local Joann’s.

I cannot find ProofGrade materials on the Joann’s website. I found the GlowForge items, but no Proofgrade.

Where is the ProofGrade hiding on their website, and how do I figure out if they have it locally?

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They don’t sell it online. A few stores had limited quantities in-store for a while, I believe.

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I tried getting it from my local Joanne’s some months ago, and the person from the store said they were only at a very small number of stores in far away places (to me) at the time. Seemed more like a pilot than a fully supported thing.

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