How to get a file to cut

I have a file I made on Phonto on my iPad and want to cut on Glowforge. It will only engrave. How can I change it to get it to cut? Thanks!

I am not familiar with that program, but for a line to cut, it must be a vector line. Care to share the file and have someone help you?

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That program is designed to add text to photos, I would recommend learning a full feature design program like Inkscape (free). The learning curve really isn’t that steep, and there is lots of help available here, and tutorials in the tips and tricks section.
So an engraving is is a raster function, like a bitmap. The motion is back and forth advancing a line at a time. A vector is a tool path, the laser will follow the line which is how you cut or score.

Believe me, the time you invest in learning a design program will pay you back in spades, and allow you to do anything your laser is capable of.


Vector apps for iPad include Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator for iPad, Vectornator and Concepts. If you’re only after simple cut shapes, like rectangles and circles, you can add them in the GFUI with the Premium features.


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