How to get help from customer service my pro came broken!

I have multiple times tried contacting the company about the Glowforge pro that I purchased and was delivered to me broken. I’ve gotten replies from Ivan and Conor and my new machine was supposed to be delivered to me and I still have yet to get it. It’s been just about a month. When you spend that kind of money on a product, You would hope that the customer service would be better. The sales team calls you immediately, no one man’s the phone lines for help. This is so frustrating.

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The customer service response has been poorer than usual lately. Yes it is frustrating. No one in the forum can be of any assistance, and Glowforge support does not monitor the forum. Try to be patient. I am confident they will make this right, but obviously the time table is not what one would wish.


Thank you. I have been waiting for a month. I was so excited and now I’m frustrated.

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They are also dependent on what is essentially other companies as well. so the factory does one type at a time basic for a while, then plus, then pro. So if you have the right timing it comes right away if not you end up in line a bit.

And of course, the production delivery is messed up all down the chain


Quite understandable. Having paid in full and waiting 2 years for it to be shipped, delay after delay added to the frustration. Funny thing was just how fast all that vanished when I got it. You have an adventure in store for you!

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Today I received a refurbished machine. I paid for a brand new machine, I feel like I should get a brand new machine. I am so upset. I never even plugged in the machine that I paid $6000 for. Their customer service is the worst!

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The refurbished machine is like a new one, but with better testing, as no engineer’s testing will equal that of a new owner, and whatever was wrong has been fixed, and then retested. Those like yours that were damaged in transit and returned will also be repaired to like-new status and called refurbished though they usually have a minimal or no use or working time.

They have said that the best available gets sent out first, so I have not seen any evidence of previous use on the two refurbished machines I have received. (one that I paid 1.1k plus my old machine as it was out of warranty)

Your original warranty remains good though mine was 30 days only.

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I understand your disappointment. The only thing that might make you feel better is if you set up the machine you have received and start exploring its capabilities. You will have the full warranty with this machine, and it has been tested for performance.

agreed. I wish I would have know all this mess before I ordered. I only saw good and great reviews. That’s how I ended up with a 5k paper weight 3 days ago that I have still yet to hear from customer support about. I seriously cant believe it. And there are folks on here like “we only post the bad not the good”. I haven’t even gotten to the good part. The month and a half wait to receive my 5k broken machine that I have to make payments on with interest with a CS team that ignores me has been one of the worst experiences of my life.

Well I bought the pro and I am so upset with the lack of customer service. It is terrible. Sales people call you but not customer service. I’m so aggravated.

I suspect that people looking to talk to salespeople are far fewer than people looking to talk to support, even fewer than the number of folks looking to buy a machine.

Customer service contacted me back and assured me that they sent me a new machine. I will be opening the box today.

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Awesome! I am glad you’re making progress.

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